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Once Upon a Time......

The Flower Girls is a family home-based (for now) business. It was formally called, "He loves me, He Loves me Not," but we decided to change it since the name is so long. The Flower Girls consist of 5 sisters and their mother and occassionally some cousins and aunts. We have been designing floral arrangements and coordinating weddings beyond our own time. Back in our history, our grandmother used to do flowers for a hobby since she was a house wife during WWII. My mother always used to watch her and help her with floral arrangements for the house and other family festivities. When they moved to the USA, my grandmother and mother created floral designs for all family & friend events. Where does coordinating come in? Don't worry we will get there. At that moment, my grandmother and mother realized floral design was an outlet and almost a place where we can put the happiness of color in different arrangements to accessorize the love in our family gatherings. My sisters and I grew up with that sense of beauty. At one point of each of our lives, we were flower girls for family weddings. We naturally loved to arrange and design flower arrangements. There was an extra sense that we picked up that our mothers didn't. We can coordinate and organize weddings because we have been doing that all our lives by playing house, wedding, arranging dance routines, and for the fact we are female and want to be apart of your family gatherings, wedding, and love. 

Meet The Flower Girls


 We are all sisters and decided to build this company to uphold the family tradition. It also helps pay for our college tuitions. The Flower Girls love flowers and dedicate our talents into creating the memorable events our clients can dream of. Let us be part of your Beautiful Memories!! 

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